Oldest House Weddings - Gabriella and Alex


Few Words….Lots of Love - Gabriella and Alex

One of my favorite things about my job is the amount of variety that comes with a day that at first blush would appear to be the same thing. The brides usually wears white, the grooms are all looking dapper, and onlookers look at the couple with remembrance, and anticipation. But what we see is so-so different. It’s the relationships, it’s the people, and anything past that is just details.

We asked Gabriella to tell us a little about her and Alex’s love story. Here’s here response….

“Long story short...

2009 - Met at UF

2011 - Became pen pals

2012 - First date

2013 - Alex moved

2014 - Gabriella chased*

2017 - "Will you?" "Okay!"

2018 - "We do!"

*Sources disagree”

Like I said above. Few words, but look at the photos below, and you’ll see lots of love.