Playing in the Rain - St. Augustine Engagement Photoshoot

Life is not all sunshine, and perfect days it is important to smile and be grateful even on rainy days, and that is just what Austin and Holly did for our engagement photo shoot last week.  I offered for them to come back to the shelter of our full-service photography studio just down the road, but they opted for braving the conditions, and we got some great stuff in the rain!  I knew some spots to go to stay relatively dry, and I grabbed the ole trusty white umbrella we keep at the studio for a prop.  We had a blast playing in the rain, and the results were unique.  

When choosing a wedding photographer, it is important to consider one that is trained in lighting and can bring the proper equipment to get perfect images even if the weather is less than perfect.  In my 17year professional photography career, I have seen a lot of "photographers" come and go bragging about using "natural light" because they don't have the equipment and knowledge to use lighting properly let alone in adverse conditions. We are proud to bring the right tools to the job so you get the best images possible so you can relax and play in the rain!