Ponte Vedra Wedding Photographer - Ken and Danielle - TPC Sawgrass Clubhouse

Ken and Danielle’s TPC clubhouse wedding

Ken and Danielle’s TPC clubhouse wedding

Teeing off at Sawgrass

We had met Ken and Danielle, at a wedding in downtown St. Augustine, after seeing Monarch approach to weddings, they thought we’d be a perfect match, and upon seeing what energetic vivacious people Ken and Danielle are, we couldn’t have agreed more. We asked Danielle to tell us about how she and Ken’s love story.

“Ken and I met six years ago through a co-worker. Actually six years ago to the day of our wedding. Both of us were coming out of marriages that had taken their toll. Ken was told about my white German Schnauzer named TinkerBell. Since he had a black German Schnauzer named Bailey, he used that as his one liner to introduce himself. He sent me a picture of Bailey and the text read "I understand we have something in common". It was the perfect line, as I am a sucker for a cute dog. We texted and talked for hours that night. Since we had not formally met in person, we decided to arrange a lunch date. It turns out we work only a few buildings away from each other. We went for Thai food at Basils which was a first for Ken. He decided to order what I ordered and I like things hot. It was a great first date... maybe a little to hot and spicy for Ken. With the success of our first lunch, we decided to venture into a dinner date the next night which ended with a gentle kiss. We immediately planned a dinner date for the following night. Even though I was not feeling well, Ken was able to convince me to make the third date, which ended with a passionate kiss. 

Three dates in a row, aka the Trifecta, led to our perfect love story. Except for giving Ken strep throat... remember I said I was sick. Our discussions always came natural and never forced. Conversations flowed easily from topic to topic and our interests were aligned like the stars those first three dates. Neither of us had kids which appealed to both of us. We both had successful careers and enjoyed traveling. 

Our adventures have led all to beautiful places like Germany, Austria, Prague, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey and more. Or even local adventures through the United States like the Black Mountains, Blue Ridge Mountains, Hawaii or Sedona. Whether our adventures were near or far, our friendship and love for each other continued to grow. It all just fell in place and on the six year anniversary date of our first discussion, I walked down the aisle to marry that man.”

We are so happy that they chose to let us help them share that big day. Take a look at this amazing amazing day.

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Photography - The Monarch Studio - Zach Thomas 

Coordination - Coastal Celebrations - Michelle

Ponte Vedra Ceremony Location - Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church

Ponte Vedra Reception Location - TPC Sawgrass

Entertainment - The Chris Thomas Band

Video - Adam Pressley

Cake - Classic Cakes of Jacksonville Beach

Florist - Floral Emporium

Shoes - Gianni Bini

Photo Booth - Smiley Face

Officiant - Father David Keegan

Dress Boutique - Wedding Inspirations Bridal Boutique - Asheville NC

Tuxedo - Jos A Bank

Ceremony music - Jim Goodell

Make-up - Alias Professional on Location Makeup - Nicholle Roberson

Horse and Carriage - Pinto Carriage Works, LLC

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Ken, his best man Carl, groomsman and I went to TPC at 7AM to ensure some sparkling finishing touches were in place for the reception. We had a nice breakfast at 19 together and the men reminisced about their childhood stories and the happenings from the past week. I headed home to begin getting ready. Meanwhile at my sister's house all of the ladies were getting their hair and makeup done. My sister Nicholle owns Alias Professional on location makeup. I don't know how she did it but she managed to get her two daughters, my mom, sister, and the bride done and on time not to mention her own makeup. My sister Donna (bridesmaid) and her husband arrived at 11AM, my sister Nicholle arrived at 11:30 and the videographer arrived at noon and silently in the background began to shoot all of the conversations and getting ready activities. My Mom and brother arrived and Nicholle did Donna's makeup first. All of the woman in my family are naturally beautiful but as each one's makeup was done they were transformed into stunning. I could tell they all felt it as they were glowing! My hair was curled and then Nicholle did my makeup. She used airbrushing so my skin tone was perfect even down my back. It came out perfect! Next was my sweet 87 year old mother Irene's turn. By the time her makeup was done, my dress was on and the limo driver was waiting outside. What a feeling of excitement I have never experienced in all my life. All of the woman in my life whom I hold closest to my heart were in that limo with me. They all looked their very best, all were glowing and sparkling. I was so happy!

We pulled up to the most beautiful venue in all the town, TPC Sawgrass. I felt like a princess getting out of the limo. When the sun hit my broach bouquet it lit up like diamonds, amazing. As I walked through the clubhouse back to the bride get ready room I could hear whispers of people conversing saying "beautiful", "stunning", "did you see how much she is sparkling". That made me feel even more beautiful. Zach and his team immediately started having me pose. I got a glimpse of myself sitting in front of the mirror in the bridal room and i said to my mom and sisters, "Wow, hehe I do look pretty good". The next set of poses would be with my groom, our first look. I wanted him to see me dressed up and the most beautiful I have ever looked in the past six years. I walked slowly down the archway and reach up and tapped his broad shoulder. He turned around and said "Wooooow"! I have seen him in his tuxedo before but that afternoon he looked like a prince, my prince.

We felt like a royal couple walking around with our entourage of photographers and videographer capturing our every move. 4:30 came so quickly and it was time to head to Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church. We climbed in our limousine and departed. The parking lot was fuller than we expected and everyone was inside awaiting our arrival. 

Barb Mulkey our coordinator at the church immediately took control and whisked Ken away and made sure I immediately went to the bride room hidden at the back of the church. My mother and two sisters were waiting for me there. At five the church bell rang and a lite tap at the door from Barb coming to say it was time. My sisters left the room and joined the priest and the rest of the bridal party. My mother told me how beautiful I was and how happy she was for Ken and I. "I can't believe I am going to walk you down the aisle in a few minutes, I love you dear" she said. "I love you too Mom", I said. We cannot cry, promise me you won't cry. If you cry I will cry. Lets just show them our beautiful smiles, today is the happiest day of my life. On that note Barb opened the door and we began to head down the aisle. We were radiant. The aisle was long and lined with family and friends from near and far. Everyone was smiling, taking pictures and I could feel the happiness in the air. The ceremony was beautiful. My brother spoke all of the readings from the heart. I have heard all of these readings before but this time they sounded like they were written just for Ken and I. When he got to the petitions and named off all of our loved ones who were no longer here, it was if they were there and they were listening. My cousin Jamie sang the Ave Maria which was the only part of the ceremony that brought tears to my eyes. It is a family tradition and brings goose bumps when she hits the high notes. Fr David soon was asking us to say our vows and we exchanged our rings. We were finally announced husband and wife and made our exit through the church. The family slipped away into the back room to sign our marriage license and allow the guests to move onto the next big celebration, our reception at TPC Sawgrass.

Ken and I got into our limousine and off we went to the reception. The sun was setting with the most beautiful sunset. We spent the next hour capturing pictures on the stairway, over the front balcony and on the front lawn of TPC. It was time for me to slip into my reception wedding gown so Ken and I could perform our dance. Sarah from The Chris Thomas Band came out and had the bridal party and our parents all queued up for the big entrance. I was so nervous as right after that was done, Ken and I would perform our dance. We came through the door "Mr & Mrs Ken Boeser" and everyone was clapping, smiling and snapping pictures. It was such a blur. Then Chris Thomas announced our first dance to Sara Smile. We started it off right and a little bit into it, Ken whispers I am lost. I said so I am but keep moving they won't know. We did and when we found a spot we remembered we picked up the dance. I know both of us wanted the dance to go perfectly and just as we had practiced it so many times, but I guess we still looked great.

The night moved by so quickly. We moved from table to table to make sure we greeted everyone and thanked them for coming. I wish I could have stayed longer with each one. 

Ken's best man Carl gave a perfect speech dedicated to his life long friend. Then my sister Nicholle, my maid of honor got up and said her speech. She nailed it for me. She described me to a T. Both speeches were perfect in content and delivery. The rest of the night we spent dancing it up on the dance floor. The floor was packed all night as the band was a amazing! Everyone was having a great time! At 11:25 the party was to come to a fairy tale ending. We arranged for a horse drawn carriage to take us on an hour ride. We moved down the stairs where all our guests were waiting with sparklers. We walked through the lit up aisle blowing kisses to our guests. At the end of the aisle was my Cinderella carriage awaiting. It was what I dreamed about since I was a little girl. White horse, white carriage all lit up in the night. Ken picked me up and placed me in the carriage and off we went just the two of us, so peaceful and calm. It was the perfect ending to the best night of our lives. The prince and princess united at last.