QALO Saves the Day! - St. Augustine Wedding

St. Augustine Bayfront Wedding - QALO RING

A few months ago I saw a clip about Jimmy Fallon injuring his finger when he fell in his kitchen and his wedding ring caught.  Jimmy explains the whole story here The whole situation replayed in my head over and over again.  When I was married this past June I got a very nice gold band, but It would catch on things continuously and, because of Fallon’s story I needed to have a better solution while I was working.  

Enter QALO bandsqalo.comMy wife ended up purchasing a Qalo band for me, and it was the perfect solution.  It was comfortable, secure, and I didn’t annoy her by continuously tapping my ring on the table. 

I was recently referred a small elopement by my friend Betty Crosby at Elegant Events.  Steve and Wanda chose St. Augustine as the location for their big day.  We did a brief first look and walked over to the beautiful Bayfront, when the bride realized that she had forgotten the wedding ring, and there was really no simple way to go back to retrieve the ring.  Then I thought about my QALO!  The ring is designed to be a symbol not sentimental object so I asked if they would like my QALO, I even told them they could keep it, as it would have some symbolism for their day!  In the end they had a wonderful ceremony and a some wonderful photos taken while strolling around Historic Downtown Saint Augustine.


St. Augustine Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Zach - Monarch Studio

Coordinator/Officiants: Betty and Alan Crosby - Elegant Events

Flowers: Flowerworks St Augustine

Wedding Jeweler: QALO