Rachel and Travis' - Cathedral Basilica Wedding


Hot Time in the Summer Time


So we like to hear a little bit from our couples about their love story and normally someone write a few quick sentences, but this time our groom Travis wrote so eloquently about their story we just decided to let his words speak for himself.

It all started in June of 2014 when Rachel joined Oxford. Travis walked in that morning to the news that there was a new girl on their team in Wisconsin. The guys in the office had pulled up her LinkedIn picture by the time Travis made it there and when he saw it for the first time he was floored. He and Rachel spoke here and there but didn’t really connect until the following year.

 Rachel had set up an agreement with Walgreens in IL and had found an open IT position at the company. After hearing this Travis found a consultant for the position which gave the two reason to exchange phone numbers. Over the next few months, Travis and Rachel got close. They started a weekly tradition of meme Fridays which led to them sending memes back and forth and exploring each other’s sense of humor.

 After some time Rachel left Oxford in October of 2015. She had told Travis that this was coming so it was expected and the two stayed close. Later that year they started speaking more. By the following January, the two were speaking daily on Travis’ drive home from work. The phone conversations turned into facetimes and it was clear there was a connection.

After the first failed attempt to meet (Travis canceling the trip), Rachel decided to take matters into her own hands and reached out directly to Travis’ parents. They were leaving for a week and Rachel knew Travis would be house-sitting for them. They decided to surprise him with a visit from Rachel the day before they left! Being the intuitive guy he is, Travis had figured this all out before everyone could yell surprise. He went back to his house to shower and change before meeting the woman he would later call his wife.

 After an amazing few days together, Travis and Rachel quickly realized there was something real here. From that point forward Travis flew to Wisconsin every month to spend a few days with Rachel. After doing this for the better part of a year, Rachel finally agreed to relocate to Florida to live with Travis. On October 11, 2017, Travis asked Rachel to marry him. A year and a half later, the two tied the knot in St. Augustine!

Thank you so much for letting Monarch Studio be a part of your big day!