St Augustine Bed and Breakfast Wedding Photographer - Cedar House Inn

Bed and Breakfast Wedding Cedar House Inn St Augustine FL

Saint Augustine’s Bed and Breakfast’s are some of the finest in the world.  And there is no better backdrop for an intimate ceremony than the Cedar House Inn.  Cedar House is St. Augustine’s #1 rated Bed and Breakfast according to every review site I went on.

Your Hostess Cyndi has everything ready to make your wedding the perfect event. 

Derrick and Katie, reached out about a month before their wedding day and went over the vision for the day., and had a few spots they asked us to bring them for their portrait sessions.  It was truly a beautiful day and we were happy to capture a few special moments!

St Augustine Wedding Photographer

Click here to see Katie and Derrick’s Cedar House Inn Wedding

Photography: Zach Thomas - The Monarch Studio - St. Augustine Wedding Photographer

Ceremony: Cedar House Inn 

Hair and Make-up: Amanda Hopcraft

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