St Augustine Wedding Photographer - The Whiteroom - Jean and Han


Love...and all that Jazz

We were so fortunate to spend a beautiful day with such a lovely and unique couple for their wedding day at one of our favorite waterfront spots the Whiteroom. Their day overlooked the Matanzas River on a stunning day, and wrapped the night with a dance party lead by the Legendary JCs.... Hey JCs Can we join your band?  We want in. 

We asked Han and Jean to tell us their love story

Han and I met 15 years ago while working at Steak & Ale during our sophomore year at UF. It took 13 years until we finally came together as a couple. From the moment we did, there was absolutely no turning back. There were multiple times Han and I were brought into each others lives over the course of these 13 years, but as the saying goes 'timing is everything.' Speaking for myself, I have never met a more tender hearted human being in my life. Han personifies a kind spirit and I consider myself the luckiest woman on Earth that he has chosen me to be his mate. Every day I wake up in love, feeling loved. 

Well Love is what their day was all about.  We were so lucky to be a part.  Congratulations Han and JEan