St Augustine Persian Wedding Photographer - David and Neda - Agdh سفره عقد

David and Neda stand at the gates  Flagler College  with the towers on the background

David and Neda stand at the gates Flagler College with the towers on the background

Not very long ago St. Augustine was a sleepy little coastal town, a noted stop for visitors as the Nation's Oldest City. However, in the last 10 years our small little town, with its Spanish Renaissance architecture and unique backdrops, has attracted visitors from all over the world. 

Neda and David's wedding was a celebration fit for this beautiful and unique Northeast Florida city. In my 11 years of photographing weddings, never have I seen such an elaborate and thoughtfully detailed occasion.  When all the elements came together, this wedding proved to be one of the most beautiful and extravagant weddings in Saint Augustine's history.  

The bride and groom got ready at the luxurious Casa Monica Hotel which was so close to their ceremony location, that they both were able to walk over to the Lightner Museum for their nuptials.

The ceremony was observed many beautiful Persian traditions, known in Iran as Sofreyeh Aghd سفره عقد. One of my favorite parts was where our young couple dipped their pinky fingers into a glass of honey to symbolize the sweetness of love. 

Neda and David saved the best for last.  Their reception was held in the Grand Ballroom of Flagler College, a National Historical Landmark, where 300 guests celebrate for hours and danced the night away to LA based Persian celebrity Andy Madadian.  

Such an energetic wedding and amazing group of people come around very rarely, but we are looking forward to our next Aghd!