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Perfect waterfront wedding in Palm Coast

Perfect waterfront wedding in Palm Coast

A Southern Fairy Tale - Princess Megan and Todd

Once upon a time, a band of merry photographers were asked to photograph the betrothal of a young Florida Princess, and Prince “Jags Super Fan” Todd, and we asked the princess, “Oh princess…. tell us of how your love began”

One evening in the nations oldest city, St. Augustine, Florida, Princess Megan was out with her gal pals at a local watering hole. The night was filled with a few fun cocktails and lots of dancing! When all of the sudden, a handsome young man, named Todd, captivated her attention and asked her to dance. Little did he know that scored major points in her eyes. There was an instant connection between the two of them. After the evening was over, they exchanged smiles and phone numbers. Princess Megan and Todd realized just how small of a town they were in once they started to get to know each other. It turns out they had a lot of the same friends but oddly had never seen each other.

They also found out that they had many things in common. Taste in music, favorite college team, and the same love for our little beach town to name a few. After a few months of dating, call it a Summer fling if you will, they sadly parted ways. To their surprise, a couple years later they reconnected (blame it on our sweet small town). In those couple of years they had been apart, I guess you could say they each did their share of growing up. The connection they had found a few years back was still there. Life threw in some bumps along the way with some hard life lessons but their love never wavered and nothing could keep them apart. Princess Megan had Todd move into her castle. Some say that is unconventional but Megan felt it was a necessary step for their relationship. They spend most their days making a living a jobs they both love. In their spare time, they love cooking delicious meals, watching their favorite sports, attending concerts, and enjoying their quaint little town!