Saint Augustine Wedding Videographer - Monarch Studio - Derek and Tiffany - Treasury on the Plaza

St. Augustine Wedding Filmmaker - Tiffany and Derek

Derek and Tiffany’s are extraordinary people and their wedding day was nothing short of amazing! There was a small hiccup: that morning the videographer they had hired no-showed! Our bride and groom were obviously upset, but took the news in stride; Zach was photographing their wedding and called me to ask how quickly I could mobilize! I never want to see a wedding day ruined so with only minutes notice I sprung into action, and after catching my breath, I had a delightful time capturing video of this beautiful couple, and their warm friends and families! Check out the video below, and you will get an idea of how incredible Tiffany and Derek are! I am so glad that I was able to step in and provide emergency wedding video for such a wonderful couple!

We are visual storytellers and while this video tells the story of the day lets’s hear a little back story on this amazing couple: What’s your love story we asked?

“We first met at a bar called Finn McCool’s in Crystal Lake in March of 2012. Tiffany was with a group of friends and Derek was as well. Derek and Tiffany immediately bonded over their shared love of Pizza Hut. During the conversation, and after a drink, or ten, Derek smoothly spilled his beer on Tiffany's shirt. After their short encounter, and unbeknownst to oblivious Derek, Tiffany and her group of friends decided to call it a night and leave Finn's. 

Upon the realization that Tiffany had left the building, and with encouragement of his friends, Derek was convinced that he should go after her and ask her out. Unfortunately, he had not realized how much time had passed since Tiffany and her friends had left. Overconfident and without hesitation, Derek quickly ran down the stairs, and out of the front doors of Finn's. He then continued to run about two blocks where he finally caught up to Tiffany and her friends. Out of breath and gasping for air, Derek ran to the front of the group, turned to Tiffany and said, "I didn't get to say goodbye, and I think you’re really pretty...will you go on a date with me?" Tiffany smiled and said politely, "I'm flattered, but I actually have a boyfriend." Derek said "oh, alright. Can I at least get your name?" Tiffany replied and told him her name, and these were the last words that were exchanged between the two.

Three months later... 

On June 3, 2012, Tiffany, now newly single, had gone out with a couple of her girlfriends to Bandito Barney's in Dundee to grab a few drinks. One of the girls was texting a couple of her guy friends and said "Tiff, would you be cool if I invited a couple of my guy friends up here? I think that you would really like one of the guys, I think he's your type!" Tiffany replied with a "sure, why not?" About 30 minutes later, the boys walk through the doors of Bandito's. Low and behold, the guy that Tiffany's girlfriend was talking about, was Derek! 

On June 12, 2012, Derek and Tiffany went on their first date at Biaggi's. The two indulged in one of the worst meals of their dating history while discussing everything from the rarity of PBR in a bottle to the horrible fact that someone had seriously made a show called Manswers. The food may have been sub-par, but the company made up for it. And hey, it did lead to a second date!”


When we asked Tiffany and Derek to tell us a little bit about their day, they wrote: “Honestly, I know that this is very cliche, but our wedding day was the best day of our lives! Amidst some normal "bumps" on the day of, all of our incredible vendors made it as though everything ran as smooth as could be. I don't know what other weddings are like "behind the scenes," but I can tell you that what I experienced was nothing short of amazing. All of our vendors worked together so unbelievably well, and kept us laughing the entire day/night. The amount of confidence and trust I had for the group of individuals who helped make our day as special as it was is immeasurable. We couldn't have asked for a better team.”

Congratulations Derek and Tiffany! Thank you both for so much for letting us play a small part in your big day! You are such a wonderful couple.


Saint Augustine Videographer - Scott - The Monarch Studio

Saint Augustine Wedding Photographer - Zach - The Monarch Studio

Coordination - The Wedding Authority

Getting Ready - Casa Monica

Entertainment - Bay Kings

Dress - Hailey Page

Officiant -Father Akan Simon

Ceremony Music - Wehner Weddings

Catering - Chef's Garden

Boutique - Bella Bianca

Make-up - Jill Stonier

Hair - Amanda Adams

Ceremony - Cathedral Basilica

Reception -Treasury on the Plaza

Donuts -Donnie’s Donuts

Florist - Tula Rose

Shoes - Badgley Mischka

Tuxedo - Formally Modern Tuxedo

Rehearsal - Columbia

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