Wedding Photographer in Savannah - Shae and Travis

Travis and Shae share a moment by one of Savannah's beautiful park squares.

Travis and Shae share a moment by one of Savannah's beautiful park squares.

Shae and Travis' Historic Savannah Georgia Wedding

I know that I have found my calling, because even after 400 weddings, I still love the energy and the love that surrounds this beautiful ritual of two people joining lives.  We put a lot of energy into photographing weddings, because we really want to be a positive influence on the direction of the wedding day.  We have been asked if we get to pull back and relax at friends' weddings, and the answer is a simple, “Heck No!” When you work for people that you have cared about for a long time, you dig down deeper than ever.  

And this was one of those weddings. I have known the bride for 25 years, we went to Vero Beach High School, and ran Cross Country together, and I have to say she was one of the nicest most genuine people you would ever meet in your whole life.  Always smiling, and always a positive attitude.  So any man who was gonna join his life with Shae had to be a special, and Travis lived up to that every bit.  And while he didn’t show that he liked it when I gave him a big hug, I know he secretly liked it…

Shae and Travis brought in their home town pastor all  the way from Anchorage Alaska, and they joined their family right on Savannah’s historic Bystreet, at a beautiful space called 10 Downing, which is above Churchill’s Pub. On top of Shae and Travis joining, Travis’ son and daughter had a special moment to acknowledge their newly formed family.  After the ceremony, the couple and I walked through downtown Savannah to bring the beautiful location into some of their wedding photos.  When we came back, the party started and we (and I do mean we) then danced the night away.