St Augustine Wedding Photographer - Monarch Studio - Hayden and Rebecca



     Is there any way to look at Rebecca and Hayden and not just think "What a perfect couple."  This couple exudes warmth and their whole wedding day was blanketed in a warm glow.  With a large quiver of close friends by their side, and small children adding smilies to the faces of the invited onlookers that were made up of their friends and families. 

     Rebecca's lifelong priest Father Tom, presided over the full mass that was both a reminder of the significance of the day, and the role of the guests in the lives of Hayden and Rebecca. The whole ceremony was full of fleeting glances from Hayden towards his lady, and Rebecca's amazing Anna Barge dress that picked up air like no dress I have seen before. 

     Look how, on what was a primarily cloudy day, the golden sun peaked out through the trees, to light up Rebecca's veil like a bright morning.  And after being presented with the stunning scene that only the Treasury on the Plaza can offer, we started the party with Rebecca and Hayden's favorite local band, The Chris Tyler Band.

    Rebecca and Hayden's day was such a marvelous representation of what a beautiful wedding in Downtown St. Augustine can be.  A lifetime of happiness to our couple, and congratulations!