Wedding and Event Photo Booth Rental in St. Augustine - Fotolab Photo Booth

Photo booth rentals are a great way to entertain your guests and send everyone home with great keepsakes. Digital photos booths have become increasingly popular the last few years, especially at weddings. Wedding photo booth rentals are a great way to capture the fun and excitement of your wedding reception, and we would like to feature a great photo booth rental in St. Augustine: Fotolab Photobooth Company! Fotolab is built to fit in at any party, but where it really shines is in the historic district of St. Augustine! Why? Because it is crafted of hand-built mahogany with rustic charm. But don't let that fool you... Fotolab is super high tech on the inside!

First, let's look at the beauty of this creation:

Ok Ok, its nice woodworking but does it take awesome photobooth photos that my wedding guests will be super duper excited about? Of course! Pick a background, any background. Really. With Fotolab Photobooth you can have several fun greenscreen backgrounds added as options for your wedding or party guests. Photos of your wedding party on the moon? Fotolab can do that!

So it's nice woodworking and does greenscreen background images (or good ole fashion cloth backgrounds if you prefer), but how is the photo quality? Check out some examples here:

So here is a vintage wedding photo booth rental in St. Augustine available for events and weddings and it's beautiful, takes great images and gives guests the choice of backgrounds? But it probably doesn't print, right? Well, how about prints in a variety of sizes in under 30seconds? Yep!

But that is ok I would rather just have a friend try their hand at a DIY photobooth with an iPad because we just want images on social media. Got you covered here too! Not only does Fotolab Photobooth offer beautiful professional lighting, so your guests look their best, but (drum roll) these images upload to social media instantly!

Clearly, from this brief description, we are excited to about Fotolab, which we consider the best photo booth rental in St. Augustine and maybe even the world! Let's make a quick checklist of why Fotolab is at very least the best event photo booth company in North Florida...

-Beautiful and classy? YEP

-Instant photo printing for guests? Check

-Greenscreen backgrounds (or just cool cloth)

-Instant social media uploads (take your friends at the wedding)

-High Quality? A professional DSLR camera delivers stunning images.

-Professional lighting? Absolutely! Set up by a photographer.

-Props? Oh yeah, we didn't even get into the sweet collection of REAL vintage props! Plastic dollar store stuff? Nope! Fotolab keeps it classy!

-A helper? Fotolab techs are included in the rental fee, they while load in and setup Fotolab and stay for the whole party to help guests have a blast!

-Cost? Fotolab offers Monarch Studio clients a good discount too making it an affordable photobooth option for your wedding or event!

St. Augustine Wedding Photobooth 015.JPG